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Penned By Talha Rizwan, Class Four (Main Branch)


Cleanliness is an excellent habit and it is all time essential for happy life .It is also necessary for a healthy life .Cleanliness is interconnected with health and health leads to a prosperity life.

Wise people say : Cleanliness is close to Godliness

Cleanliness leads to self-respect:

A person can live a disease free life if both mind and bod are in good condition. Dirt is the mother of ill-health and sufferings. like: dirty skin, Clothes, House and surroundings etc are bad for ones life .A person with filthy hands and poor habits has no pride for himself and loses self-respect.

Computer man
Computer man

A clean place is a safe place for self-respect and dignity

Types of cleanliness:

There are many types of cleanliness Like: Personal cleanliness, Pet animals cleanliness, Work place cleanliness etc. (School, College, Office) etc. All these areas of life must be properly addressed for health and hygiene to keep all the society clean and tidy.

Cleanliness in Islam :

Every faith and civilization stress upon the importance of cleanliness. In Islam spiritual purity is linked with physical cleanliness.
Holy prophet (S.A.W.W) says:
Cleanliness is half of faith

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Social behavior of people about cleanliness:

Much is said about cleanliness in our society but practically its application is missing .A quick observation tells us about our behavior about health and hygiene.
1: People do not use dust bines.
2: People spit on roads.
3: School ground and classroom produce piles of paper garbage.
4:Public toilets on roads are horrible. As a society we need to much civic education. We must use dustbins. We must not spit on roads. Educational institution should educate their students about cleanliness. Media should play a powerful role in this aspect religious institution should also tell their students about cleanliness
It is rightly said:
Healthy people and clean people can make a wealthy country.