Time and tide wait for none

Computer man

Penned by Minahil Mustafa, Class Five (Main Branch)

This is a famous saying that time and tide wait for none. This saying is indeed true. Time never stops for anyone and no one can stop or reverse time. Time will keep going whether one likes it or not. Time moves at its own pace. Time is very important. Time once gone cannot be regained. People who do work on time are successful in life.

Time is what we want most but what we use worst

We should make best use of time. Time costs us a lot as once it goes and never come back. It runs regularly for every moment and never stay for a second. We cannot stop tide to occur in the sea. It occurs when it has to come. We cannot stop or store time for further use. It continuously run without any stoppage .

Computer man
Computer man

You may delay but time will not

Time is very important and powerful. It punishes people who waste it. If we waste time, it will destroy our whole life. It is true that if someone stole our money, we can get it back. But if we lose our time, we cannot get it back. Time is much valuable. We cannot compare anything with time because it is more valuable than them. Nothing is more precious than time. Now a days, we can see that most people waste their time on social media and on other apps. These apps consume our too much time. We should use these apps wisely. We should make less use of these apps in our life so less time will be wasted.

Do not wait time will never be just right.

Time is invisible and powerful. Time is a big ruler that rule everything in life. Tide cannot be started or stopped by any mean. Both time and tide are example of things that are not considered for anything.

Computer man

Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend.

Time is the important asset of life. We should not waste it on unnecessary activities, they hold on our future. It is very crucial to understand the importance of time. We should do our work on time and should not waste it on other activities. We should do our work on time.

Time do not wait for anyone but you have to wait for time.