Prayer is the voice of faith

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Penned by Mahnoor Nadeem , Class 10th (Main Branch)

Pray as if everything depends on God, Work as if everything depends on you

Faith is the foundation of human life. In fact, the beliefs we have shape and mould our lives, regardless of what religion or way we ascribe ourselves to. These acts determine how we think, act or perceive life in general. Prayer means a request, invocation or supplication. According to Al-Khattabi, prayer is a mean of asking servant of his Lord for help and continued support. It is a form of worship and connects a man with his Creator.

The only way to worry about nothing is to pray about everything.

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Prayer is the voice of faith. It is an important part of faith in Islam. There is a great 2 emphasis on prayer in Muslim spirituality and Muslims take great care to record the supplication of Muhammad PBUH and his family, and transmit them to subsequent generations.

Allah says in Surah Al-Baqrah, verse 186:

When my servants ask you, (O Muhammad), concerning me, indeed I am near and I listen to the invocation of a supplicant when he calls upon me. So let them respond to Me and believe in Me. So, they might be (rightly) guided.

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Faith is an essential character of Muslim. Faith in Allah enables us to be thankful for the blessings we enjoy, be patient in difficult times, for we believe that nothing can happen without his will.Sometimes, we think it’s unfair and wonder why Allah is not blessing us with prayer we have been making for so long. Asking for a same thing for a long time may seem impossible, but it is not. Being a Muslim, it is our faith that we should stand firm and keep on praying because Allah knows what is best for us and when it is best for us to have it.

Allah says in Quran,

And remember Me, I will surely remember you.

Faith does not only mean hoping that Allah will do something. But it also includes thanking Allah in advance. Prayer not only requires to keep on asking Allah to bless us but also to be thankful for the blessings we have. We have been provided more than we could ever have imagined. We should thank Allah for protecting us, for blessing us with friends and family and for guiding us towards the right path.

In Surah Al-Nisa, verse 147, Allah says,

Why would Allah cause you to suffer if you are grateful. Allah is responsive to gratitude, the All-knowing.

Reading is never a waste of time.Reading is an excellent diversion.Reading helps us to be engaged with a nice hobby .Through reading we get to know about the history and different cultures of the world.Reading changes our mind. We should always read books in our daily routine and make it a part of our lives.Reading takes us into a world full of fantasy,suspense and excitement.Readind is an essential part of our life. Reading sharpens our mind It makes us happy .While reading our emotions are mixed.Reading is also very helpful for students.Reading is the best hobby.As we go through our daily lives, each one of us experiences difficult situations. When we go through a pain or suffering, we are so quick to worry about confusing times. We forget that we are given the gift of faith and we are taught the use of this valuable fruit. When we pray to Allah, to meet specific needs in any situation, he gives us comfort and peace.Praying to Allah always reduces burden from our heart because we have firm faith that,

Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear

Praying is the essence of ibadah or worship. A person seriously engaged in his prayer understands the relation between his Creator and himself and affirms it through his actions. Allah loves to be asked. So, a person praying must believe in oneness of Allah and call Allah by his beautiful names. Prayer should be with a certain hope that Allah will listen to us, as Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,

Call upon Allah, if you are certain of response. Remember that Allah never listens to dua made from a negligent and heedless heart.