Role of Women in Society

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Penned by Inshrah, Class Nine (Main Branch)

Women's empowerment Plays a vital role in a society's development

Who is a woman ? Woman is one who is free in her wilderness, she is one who is wardness , like a free drop of water . Every living person plays an important role in the well being of their society no matter what gender they are . Men and women both need to have equal appreciation. Women have been considered weak and emotional , this might be true in some aspects but despite these characteristics, we see that a woman plays equal role as men in the process of uplifting the society's economy.

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No society can be successful Until their women are educated

If a woman can handle all the house chores so perfectly then just imagine how good an educated woman handle societys economy. In past times , it was believed that that woman are only confined to the four walls of their houses but we see the examples of all generous women in past who broke this statement . They proved that a woman who was believed to be weak (judging her gender) , can do all the jobs the men do . We can take examples of the ladies of the subcontinent who worked hard just like men to get independent.

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FATIMA JINNAH stood with her brother in all thick and thin and provided all the support. BE-NAZIR BHUTTO was the first female prime minister of Pakistan. BEGHUM RANA LIAQAT ALI KHAN stood alongside with her husband and worked hard for the sake of Pakistan . Not only in politics, women play an important role in whatever field the join.

If the women is happy The society is happy

We see a lot of examples of woman in cricket, arm forces, politics,agriculture, banking, medical ,Who actually uplifted our economy it's all because they were provided support from their family and were given the required education. this shows the importance of education of women. there is a saying that if a man is educated he builds a house but if a woman is educated she builds the whole generation. It is not necessary that if a woman is educated she must do some service to her country but she can be a better house Wife too if she wants to be .This way she can educate her children in support her husband.Some people are still living with the old mind set that the woman only look good in kitchen and that they don't deserve to be educated . In some rural areas , girls are forced to get married at young age and are not provided enough education no wonder why such areas are still underdeveloped.

Education is the right of Every human , no matter What gender they are

Educated people Should raise awareness on their topic. Women have equal right to be educated as men. All the women who were able to take part in the development of their society were educated. Government should build more schools for girls and give more opportunities to the women to let them show what they are capable of .

Women also need to work hard for their own development. Education is the key to success and we have already seen much examples of this . Arfa Kareem was able to make whole country proud of her at such young age only because of education . There should be equality between both genders and women should be supported in whatever field they join.

Don't let being a woman hold you back from a leader you are destined to be.