Annual Exams 2024
Being Commenced From January

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1 Paper
Urdu A

باب نمبر1: حمد
باب نمبر3: ہمارے پیارے نبی
باب نمبر6 : ہونہار بچہ
باب نمبر 8: چڑیا گھر
باب نمبر 10: سرخ سبز اور پیلی بتیاں
ان تمام اسباق کی پڑھائی مشقی سوالات توڑ ،جوڑ ،جوڑ توڑ ، املاء کی اغلاط ، تخلیق نگاری الفاظ جملے، لفظوں کی املاء اور سرگرمیاں شامل ہیں
منے کی کہانی ، نادرہ کی کہانی
آن لائن ورک شیٹس
کل نمبرز:5

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks: Marks 2.5
True/False : Marks 2.5
Columns Matching : Marks 2.5
Correction of Sentences : Marks 2.5
Words making : Marks 2.5
Questions Answers : Marks 10
Word Sentences : Marks 5
Creative writing : Marks 5
Reading (Pronunciation & flow): Marks 2.5
Oral Story Telling of Reader with correct accent and flow: Marks 2.5
Dictation (10 words): Marks 7.5
Reading and Dictation will be taken before Datesheet schedule and marks will be added in the respective subject.
2 Paper
Urdu B

میری ذات صفحہ نمبر 17، بلی صفحہ نمبر 32، کتا صفحہ نمبر 33
تصویری کہانی کی بار بار مشق کروائیں ۔
مذکر مونث
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 56 ، 84۔
:واحد جمع
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 15
الفاظ متضاد
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 30
جملوں کی درستگی
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 38-71
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 18، 34-58، 74
تفہیم پیراگراف
سلیبس سے باہر کوئی بھی عنوان

Paper Questions:
Topic Writing : Marks 10
Sentence Corrections : Marks 5
Singular Plural : Marks 5
Masculine Feminine : Marks 5
Word Opposite : Marks 5
Word Sentences : Marks 10
Picture Story : Marks 5
Comprehension Passage : Marks 5
3 Paper
English A
Oxford Discover Book
Chapter No: 1 (Families and Friends)
Chapter No: 2 (Elliot's New Friend)
Chapter No: 7 (The Four Seasons)
Chapter No: 8 (Arnold's apple tree)
Chapter No: 17(Living and Non-living things)
Reading, Dictation and complete exercise
Work Book:
Page No: 11, 87, 95, 102, 111 and 127.
Readers For Complete Oral Story Telling:
'Village in the snow'.

Paper Questions:
Write the meaning of the given words : Marks 2.5
Fill in the blanks with the help of given words : Marks 2.5
Re- arrange these sentences : Marks 2
Re-arrange the jumbled letters to make meaningful words : Marks 1
Join a words from list A to a word in B to make a sensible phrase : Marks 5
Words making with sound. Make five letter words with the help of star : Marks 2
Answers the following questions : Marks 5
Make Sentences : Marks 5
Write few lines on the given topic : Marks 5
Dictation (10 words): Marks 10
Reading (Pronunciation & flow): Marks 5
Oral Story Telling of Reader with correct accent and flow: Marks 5
Online Worksheets : Marks 5
Reading and Dictation will be taken before Datesheet schedule and marks will be added in the respective subject.
4 Paper
English B
Topic Writing (Essays):
Work Book's Page No: 17 (My Self), 58 (A Dog), 59 (My Table) , 83 (Horse), 84 (My Pencil).
Picture Story:
Any unseen picture can be given.
Comprehension Passage:
Any Unseen Topic
Singular Plural:
Work Book's Page No:15 & 65. Apart from these pages child will also learn the words which are made plural by simply adding 's' at he end of each word.
Masculine Feminine:
Work Book's Page No: 30 & 81.
Word opposite:
Work Book's Page No: 48 & 98.
Work Book's Page No: 56 (Animals' name) & 131 (Fruits' name)
All uses from the workbook and any unseen excercise will be part of paper.
Page No: 18(Articles), 60(Preposition), 67 (Compound words), 76 (Rhyming words)

Paper Questions:
Pick out the asked grammar from the given sentences : Marks 2.5
Circle the asked grammar from the given sentences : Marks 2.5
Write the plurals of the sigulars given in the paper: Marks 5
Write the Feminines of the Mesculines : Marks 5
Write the opposites of the given words : Marks 5
Write the vocabulary words like Fruits, Animals names or any other words given in the syllabus : Marks 5
Make sentences with the help of correct words : Marks 5
Write a story on the picture given in the paper: Marks 5
Write 10 lines on any one of the asked topic (essay) seen or unseen: Marks 10
Read the passage given below and then answer the questions given at the end : Marks 5

5 Paper
Unit no: 1 (Numbers to 10)
Unit no: 3 (Addition within 10)
Unit no: 5 (Positions)
Unit no: 13 (Multiplication)
Unit no: 14 (Division)
Unit no: 16 (Addition and Subtraction within 100).
Sums (Unseen):
Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and division with number line as well as in Hundreds Tens ones (H T O) format, word problems, ascending and descending .
Forward Counting:
Backward Counting:
99 to 0
Counting with spelling:
Zero to Hundred.
Concept with figures and spelling:
big/small, tall/short, long/short, more/few, thick/thin.
Tables :
2 to 10 (complete and in dodging format)
Shapes with drawing, recognition and spellings:
Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Sphere, Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Square, Oval, Cone.

Paper Questions:
Write down the counting as directed : Marks 10
Solve the sums of Addition (HTU) : Marks 4
Solve the sums of Subtraction (HTU): Marks 4
Solve the sums of Multiplication and Divide : Marks 8
Write down the shapes names : Marks 5
Write down the spell of the given numbers : Marks 5
Write down the asked table : Marks 5
Arrange these numbers in order : Marks 4
Complete the number bonds : Marks 6
Find the Missing Numbers : Marks 6
Solve these sums of word problems: Marks 9
Concepts: Marks 4
Take Dictation : Marks 5

Mental Maths
Recite the asked table : Marks 5
Dodging Table : Marks 5
Sums of addition : Marks 5
Sums of subtraction : Marks 5
Online Worksheets: Marks 5
7 Paper
& Oral
Work Book
Chapter: 4 (Plants and Animals),
Chapter: 5 (Earth and Sky),
Chapter: 6 (My Family and Friends),
Chapter: 7 (Places of Worship),
Chapter: 8 (Our Country Pakistan).

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : Marks 5
Tick the correct and cross the false statement : Marks 5
Match the given columns : Marks 5
Choose the right word : Marks 5
Answer the following questions : Marks 10
Dictation : Marks 10
Label the given diagram : Marks 10

Reading and Dictation will be taken before Datesheet and marks will be added in the respective subject.
8 Paper
Compulsory Nazra

والدین اپنے بچوں کو قرآن پاک کی تعلیم لازمی دلائیں اورہمارےلئے اور اپنے لئے آخرت کا سامان پیدا کریں۔

سورۃ اخلاص، سورۃ الناس، سورۃ الفلک، سورۃ الکوثر
صفائی پر
کھانا کھانے اور بعد کی دعا، علم میں اضافے کی دعا
کلمہ ِ
پہلا اور دوسرا
نورانی قائدہ

Paper Questions:
Norani Qaida : 20 Marks
Surah : 10 Marks
Kalma : 10 Marks
Dua : 5 Marks
Hadith : 5 Marks
9 Paper

باب دوم : توحید کا تعارف ، مسجد، اذان،
باب سوم: ہمارے پیارے نبی
باب چہارم : اچھے اخلاق ، سلام کرنا

ان تمام اسباق کی پڑھائی ، مشقی سوالات اور املاء شامل ہے۔

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : 5 Marks
True False : 5 Marks
Multiple Choice Questions : 5 Marks
Match the columns : 5 Marks
Dictation : 10 Marks
Questions/Answers : 20 Marks
10 Paper
Exploring the desktop
Desktop background
Screen Saver
Marks of work sheets get done in the Google Classroom and practicals performed in the computer lab will be added in the paper's overall marks.

Marking Distribution:
Paper Marks= 15
Google Classroom Assignment Marks = 5
Practicles Performed in Lab Marks = 5
For marks in practicals: Attendance in Lab & quality of skilled performance will be carefully analysed (like use of windows, 8 fingers typing, acount making and using in Google, assignment sharing etc).

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : Marks 2
Fill Colour in the right option : Marks 2
Multiple Choice Questions : Marks 2
Dictation : Marks 3
Matching/Labeling : Marks 6
11 Paper
Cactus Plant, Sheep, Lady bug, Butterfly, Sunflower, Helicopter,Bee

Scenes: Monkey holding a branch

Marking Distribution:
Paper Marks = 30
Sketch Book Marks = 5
Scrap Book Marks = 5
Online Assignment = 5
Quality of activities performance = 5

Paper Questions:
Draw and Shade = Marks 10
Draw and Colour = Marks 10
Scene = Marks 10