Annual Prospectus/Calendar 2023-2024

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Below is the whole year plan and off days schedule so that families could manage their activities accordingly and children could know how their whole year is organized for them. However...

1. All mentioned days of national and religious importance are school holidays.

2. Islamic holidays are subject to the appearance of moon.

3. School is proactive in managing number of activities for making sure children’s proper upbringing and developing leadership skills according to the demand of their age. For which number of activities and their schedule has been mentioned. Any how there are chances of date variat due to some reasons about which children will be pre-updated.

4. For many activities instead of complete reference of date just month name has been mentioned. Final dates will be announced near the event due to hall/ground/space availability/booking and sometimes due to children's overall academic situation because such activities may affect the children academics. Some times some of the activities may even be dropped according to the prevailing circumstances or Government of Punjab School Education Departmrnt's restrictions.

First Term

For Play Group, Nursery & Prep: From February 8
For Class 1 to Class 10: From March 01 (Tuesday), 2023
May 31 (Wednesday), 2023.
Exams Dates may vary according to the changing schedule of education department Lahore.

No Event Date Day
1 Pakistan Day March 23 Thursday
2 Elections (Head Boys & Girls) April 11 Tuesday
3 Eid-ul-Fitre April 22 to 25 Saturday to Tuesday
4 Labour Day May 01 Monday
5 First Term Exams May 20 to May 31 Saturday to Wednesday
6 Exams Results June 05 Monday
7 Result Meetings June 06 Tuesday

Summer Vacation

June 1, 2023 Thursday to
August 20, 2023 Sunday
According to Government Notification

Second Term

August 21 (Monday), 2023 to
Nov 18 (Saturday), 2023.

1 Eid-ul-Azha June 29 to 30 Thursday & Friday
2 Yaoum-e-Ashura July 27 & 28 Thursday & Friday
3 Independance Day
Main Branch
August 14 Monday
4 Independance Day
Riwaz Branch
August 14 Monday
5 Independance Day
Shama Branch
August 14 Monday
6 Elections 2023
Main Branch
Sep 1st Friday
7 National Defence Day
Main Branch
September 6 Tuesday
8 URS Mubarak September 7 Thursday
9 Charity Day
Main Branch
September 11 Monday
10 Kangaroo Contest
Main Branch
September 21 Thursday
11 Spelling Contest
Main Branch
September 26 Tuesday
12 Eid-e-Milad-Un-Nabi September 29 Friday
13 Annual Milaad 2022 Shama Branch October Any Date Any DAy
14 Annual Milaad 2022 Riwaz Garden Branch October Any Date Any DAy
14 Annual Milaad Main Branch October Any Date Any DAy
15 Annual Milaad Riwaz Branch October Any Date Any DAy
16 Teachers Day
Main Branch
5th October Thursday
17 Iqbal Day November 09 Wednesday
18 Second Term Exams November 03 Friday
19 Results & PTM November 18 Saturday

Third Term

November 20 (Monday), 2023 to
February __ (Saturday), 2024.

1 Drawing Contest
Main Branch
27th November Monday
2 Essay Writing Contest
Main Branch
28th November Tuesday
3 Qirat Contest
Main Branch
29th November Wednesday
4 Naat Contest
Main Branch
30th November Thursday
5 Speech Contest
Main Branch
1st December Friday
6 Trip
Main Branch
8th December Friday
7 Exhibition
Main Branch
14 December Thursday
8 Poems Presentation December 21 Thursday
9 Reader Presentation December 21 Thursday
10 Sports Day
Main Branch
-- December Saturday
11 Quaid-e-Azam Day 25th December Friday
12 Winter Vacation December 18 to January 15 Monday to Monday
14 Annual Exams
Montessori & Primary Section
Play Group to 4th
January 22 to February 1 -- Monday to Thursday
15 Abdali Rd Branch
Awards Ceremony
Montessori & Primary Section
Play Group to 4th
February 5th Monday
16 New Session 2024-25
Montessori & Primary Section
Play Group to 5th
February 8th Thursday
17 Annual Exams
Primary, Middle & High Section
Class 6 to Class 9
February 10th Saturday to Next Saturday
18 Reports Distribution February -- --
19 Ceremony February -- --
20 New Session 2024-25 February --
Primary Section
Main & Sanda Rd Branch
20 New Session 2024-25 March 4th
Riwaz & Shama Rd Branch
And Middale & High Section
Main & Sanda Rd Branch