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Science and Art Exhibition

On 16 January 2023, Art and Science Exhibitition was held at Abdali Road Branch featuring the beautiful art work and captivating science models. Through this Exhibition Our Students and Teachers were connected to observe & do research to produce the amazing artwork and science models. The students enthusiastically participated in this activity where they showcased a variety of models that demonstrated the wonders of our natural world and the principles of engineering.

  1. On display, there was Earth model that illustrates the layers of the Earth's crust.
  2. A metal detector model that demonstrated how it works.
  3. A water flow in plants model that shows the process of transpiration, and a liftable bridge model that demonstrates the principles of structural engineering.
  4. A geography volcano model, typically made out of materials such as clay, plaster or papier-mâché. The model is used to illustrate the physical characteristics of a volcano, including its shape, as well as the different layers and structures that make up the volcano. It may also show the different types of eruptions and the effects of volcanic activity on the surrounding environment.
  5. Childern not only enjoyed learning about these fascinating subjects and gain a deeper understanding of how they impact our daily lives

Here are some glimpses from the Art & Science gallery