Guiding Rules

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Tardiness & Regularity:

1. Children must reach school in time.

2. Child’s joining ASSEMBLY is a must.

3. Write application in the name of Principal/Headmistress/ Coordinator for keeping your child off from school for only 1 to 2 days. For leaves of more than 2 days, parents’ oral permission from school’s concerned administrator/coordinator is necessary. In case of sick leave medical certificate is compulsory .

4. Rs.5/= (Rs.10 only for classes 9th & 10th) per day for being late and Rs.20/= (Rs.50 from classes 9th & 10th) per day for being absent will be charged. (Upto class 5 students are generally exempted from such sort of fine. Anyway they may be fined as mentioned above.)

5. In case of 4 absences in any month, name of the child will be struck off and only once re-admission will be given by charging full admission fee.

Uniform & Neatness:

Before sending the child to school please verify that:

1. Children are wearing well washed, neat and clean uniform given on the link SCHOOL UNIFORM.

2. Their hands and faces are washed. Bath is preferred.

3. Boys hair must not be more than 2 inches. They must have hair cut after every twenty days.

4. Girls will compulsorily do the pony tail.

5. Nails must be properly trimmed.

6. Socks should be neat and free of bad odours.

7. Shoes must be shining with polish.

8. Bags should be neat.

9. Keep books, note-books and other necessary things in the bag in an orderly fashion.

10. Books must have binding on them and note books must be covered with transparent plastic sheet.

11. All bags must have geometry-box, pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser, scale, crayons and handkerchief according to requirement.

Student Diary:

1. Each student must have to note down the daily works taught in the school.

2. In case of child’s being absent he/she must note down each detail of the absent day’s work when present in the school and on the leaf-top mention ABSENT.

3. On each day diary, teacher and parents signature is child’s (from class 4 to 10) responsibility.

4. Parents can communicate with the teacher or the administrator through the STUDENT DIARY.

Home Work:

1. Children must have to do the daily home work (written & oral). In case of not doing the home work child may be punished and detained in the school for extra timing.

2. In case of child’s being absent previous work must be completed in such a way that all written works must be present in the concerned note-books and oral works must be learnt with in the specified time-span.

3. Written home work must be neat and tidy, according to the specified written pattern.

4. School written work will only be accepted on school copies with badges printed on them.

Class Tests:

1. Tests are always taken according to the given schedule mentioned in the Annual Syllabus.

2. In case of class test each child is bound to take test. Whether he/she was present on the previous day or not.

3. Tests taken on the loose sheets must be filed in a folder with the detail marks list on it.

4. Each test must be signed by the parent.

5. Use new student diary for each term.

6. For classes 6th to 8th Rs.20/= as failure fine for each test (taken or not taken) may be charged.

7. For classes Pre-9, 9 & 10 Rs.100/= as failure fine for each test (taken or not taken) will be charged.


1. During exams children are not allowed even for a single day absence.

2. Under no circumstances any paper from any child can be taken other than the printed Date Sheet of the relevant exams.

3. Only from 9th & 10th classes, Rs.500/= per subject will be charged as failure fine (only if any child fails in any subject). And child must have to re-appear and pass the supplementary exams for continuing his/her education in the same class.

4. With in one week after each term-exam a teacher parent meeting is conducted. Its date is intimated to the parents. In this regard it is must for the parents to attend the said meeting.

School Dues

1. There will be an increase of almost 5% in the monthly tuition fee in the start of new session.

2. Stationary supply list's amount is received in the month of January or February detailed list of which is provided on the link Stationary Supply List (please click to follow)

3. Annual Miscellaneous Charges (fund) are charged with monthly fee of January or February detailed list of which is provided on the link Annual Miscellaneous Charges (please click to follow)

4. There will be an increase of almost 10% in the tuition fee in the Start of new session.

5. If any child, with his/her parent consent, agrees to go on trip then certain amount as trip charges is charged (usually in February).

6. Dues once paid will not be refunded.

7. To get any sort of certificate Rs.300/= will be charged as certificate fee.

8. Before child's leaving the school a months’ notice must be given otherwise one month fee will be charged.

9. School fee is charged in advance every month.

10 School fee must be deposited latest by 10th of every month.From 11th instant to 15th Rs.100/-; From 16th till 20th Rs.200/-& from 21st onwards Rs. 300/-

11.Fee for the months of June, July and August is charged in May.

12. From class 3 to class 5 parents will also either supply the art & stationary things or deposit their required amount.

13. Only Parents of 6 to 10 are charged with a ticket amount for the Annual Children Day Event which parents have to deposit with the dues of November.

14.In case of any damage to school property and assets child's parents will bear the expenses. It may also result in any sort of punishment or child's expulsion from school.

School Discipline for Parents:

1. To see the child, during school timings, permission from school administration is necessary.

2. Parents are not allowed to visit the classes during the school timing.

3. It is compulsory that parents must contact at least once in a fortnight about their child’s progress to the concerned administrator.

4. Parents can see the teacher immediately after the school timing and the administrator only during the allotted timing. Its better before visiting the school office first have an appointment or an oral intimation on telephone or watsapp.

5. In case of any misconduct or bad attitude towards school or teachers especially in the school premises will not be tolerated. Such person or parent may be prosecuted and his/her child will be expelled.

Parents’ Appreciating Attitude:

It will be highly appreciating on parents’ part if they understand that imposing and collecting fine on any sort of discrepancy/negligence on child’s part is not the purpose. Instead bringing improvement in child’s overall behaviour, discipline (necessary for life as well as education) is the real objective.

In this regard we strongly recommend the parents to totally cooperate in making the child realize for giving compliance in punctuality, regularity, school discipline following and responsible academic attitude. If child is found negligent, instead of taking child’s side or simply criticizing teachers’ role, assert upon your child to face the penalties and help him improve next time.

Whatsapp Groups For Parents Support Under Principal's Supervision:

1. For parents support whatsapp groups for each class & section has been created.

2. These groups are of great support for parents in assisting their children's education.

3. Parents are provided children's daily progress in terms of written work as well as learnings.

4. Parents can demand any missing work from the other classmates of the child.

5. Parents are given strengths and weaknesses report of their child through this forum.

6. School Principal is directly connected to any conversation going on in these groups and when and where necessary he can join an conversation to give proper support to any issue necessarily be addressed by him.

Be A Candidate For The Prize In Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony:

Child stands a chance of Prize winning if he/she:

1. Gets any of 1st 3 positions in Annual Exams.

2. Gets 85% marks and stood overall 1st or 2nd from all the sections of same class of same branch then he/she will also be awarded scholarship on monthly basis.

3. Wins any school held competition.

4. Have complete year attendance.

5. Is the Complete Holy Quran Reader till Annual Exams of Class 2.