Annual Exams 2024
Being Commenced From January

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1 Paper
Urdu A

باب نمبر1: حمد
باب نمبر3: حضرت محمد ؐ کی بچوں سے محبت و شفقت
باب نمبر7: کفایت شعاری
باب نمبر 9: بڑآ آدمی
باب نمبر 11: اچھی عادات
ان تمام اسباق کی پڑھائی مشقی سوالات توڑ ،جوڑ ،جوڑ توڑ ، املاء کی اغلاط ، تخلیق نگاری الفاظ جملے، لفظوں کی املاء اور سرگرمیاں شامل ہیں
آن لائن ورک شیٹس
کل نمبرز:5

Paper Questions:
Question Answers : Marks 10
Word meanings : Marks 5
Manipulate words (جوڑ توڑ): Marks 2.5
Word Sentences : Marks 5
Rearrange words : Marks 2.5
Dictation mistakes : Marks 2.5
Rearrange the Sentences : Marks 2.5
Creative writing : Marks 10
Dictation : Marks 7.5
Reading : Marks 2.5
2 Paper
Urdu B

بہترین دوست صفحہ نمبر 21، پسندیدہ شخصیت صفحہ نمبر 22، میری استانی صفحہ نمبر 28، موسم گرما صفحہ نمبر 50، پسندیدہ موسم صفحہ نمبر 51
ضروری کام کی درخواست صفحہ نمبر 25، شادی کی درخواست صفحہ نمبر 41
نیکی کا بدلہ صفحہ نمبر 16، کچھوا اور خرگوش صفحہ نمبر 32
مذکر مونث
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر : 10, 34, 55
:واحد جمع
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر:8،40
الفاظ متضاد
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر16،31
غلط درست فقرات
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر: 18،48
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر: , 17, 18, 30, 31, 42, 33
مترادف الفاظ
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر: 15،26
سلیبس سے باہر کوئی عنوان

Paper Questions:
Singular/Plural, Masculine/Feminine, Word/Opposite, Word Synonyms : Marks 10
Definitions : Marks 1.5
Grammar Question 1 : Marks 1.5
Grammar Question 2 : Marks 2
Comprehension Passage : Marks 5
Application : Marks 10
Story : Marks 10
Essay : Marks 10
3 Paper
English Literature
Oxford Discover Book:
Unit No: 1 (Amazing Animals)
Unit No: 3 (What is our world made of?)
Unit No: 5 (Then and Now)
Unit No: 9 (Following the Rules)
Unit No: 15 (Forces and Movement).
Work Book:
Page No:
Readers For Dictation & Complete Oral Story Telling:
'Submarine Adventure'.

Paper Questions:
Reading (Pronunciation & flow): Marks 2.5
Dictation (10 words): Marks 7.5
Question Answers (out of excercise from the syllabus lessons): Marks 10
Descriptive (minimum 5 lines) question from book: Marks 10
Word sentences: Marks 5
Write the meaning and synonyms of the given words : Marks 5
Multiple Choice Question/ Blanks / True False from book excercise : Marks 5
Online Worksheets: Marks 5
Reading and Dictation will be taken before Datesheet schedule and marks will be added in the respective subject.
4 Paper
English Language
Work Book's Page No:27 (Sick leave), 76(Marriage party)
Work Book's Page No: 47(Greed is a Curse), 15(Thirsty Crow)
Work Book's Page No: 8(Favourite Object), 40(Favourite Personality)
Work Book's Page No: 7,14,19,39-49,75.
Work book's Page No: 11-16,48-77.
Work Book's Page No: 14-39.
Work Book's Page No: 7-75.
Form of Verbs:
Work Book's Page No: 19-46.
Work Book : All miscellaneous exercises of Continuous tenses.
Parts of speech:
Identify any word to know which part of speech is it.

Paper Questions:
Change the given verbs into Past tense and Past Participle : Marks 5
Write the Plural of Singular and Feminine of the Masculine : Marks 5
Definitions of Parts of speech : Marks 2.5
Excercise of Parts of speech : Marks 2.5
Make use of following words according to the asked tenses (Oral) : Marks 5
Pick out the parts of speech from the given lines and write on it their abbreviation: : Marks 3
Comprehension Passage : Marks 5
Write an essay on any one of the asked topic : Marks 10
Write an application : Marks 6
Write a story on any one of the asked topic: Marks 6
5 Paper
Unit No: 1 (Numbers to 1000)
Unit No: 2 (Addition and Subtraction within 1000)
Unit No: 5 (Multiplication tables of 3 & 4)
Unit No: 6 (Dividing by 3 & 4)
Unit No: 13 (Fractions)
Unit No: 14 (Time).

Before Date Sheet:
Tables (Oral):2 to 15: Complete (Marks 4)
Tables (Oral):2 to 15: Dodging (Marks 6)
Mental Maths Other Than Tables (Oral):: Any word problem question of plus, minus, multiplication, division or sequence writing also given in online google worksheets. (Marks 5)
Dictation: Any word from book even used in question like sums, multiplication, division etc. (Marks 5)

Paper Questions:
Which number comes : Marks 5
Tick the even/odd numbers : Marks 2
Arrange these numbers from the Greatest to the Smallest / Smallest to Greatest : Marks 3
Word Problems : Marks 30
Sums of Multiplications : Marks 5
Sums of Divisions : Marks 5
Solve the sums of Addition (HTO) : Marks 10
Shapes Names : Marks 5
What fraction of each shape is shaded : Marks 5
Add and subtract mentally : Marks 5
Write in numbers : Marks 5
Sums of Subtraction (HTO) : Marks 10
Arrange these fractions from the greatest to the smallest / smallest to greatest : Marks 10
Adding like fraction : Marks 5
Fill in the blanks : Marks 5

Online worksheets : Marks 5
6 Paper
General Knowledge
Work Book:
Unit No: 1 (Our Country Pakistan)
Unit No: 7(Professions)
Unit No: 11 (Environment and Natural Resources)
Unit No: 13 (Plants)
Unit No: 15 (Conservation of the Earth's Resources)

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : Marks 5
Tick the correct and cross the false statement : Marks 5
Choose the right word : Marks 5
Label the given pictures : Marks 5
Answer the following questions: Marks 20
Dictation : Marks 10

Reading and Dictation will be taken before Datesheet and marks will be added in the respective subject.
7 Paper
Compulsory Nazra

والدین اپنے بچوں کو قرآن پاک کی تعلیم لازمی دلائیں اورہمارےلئے اور اپنے لئے آخرت کا سامان پیدا کریں۔

والدین کیلئے دعا
سورۃ الفلک ،سورۃ الناس
درود ابراہیمی
حدیث نبوی
پہلا اور دوسرا پارہ

Paper Questions:
Darood Shareef : 10 Marks
Surah : 10 Marks
Para : 10 Marks
Dua : 10 Marks
Hadith : 10 Marks
8 Paper

باب دوم : آسمانی کتابوں پر ایمان، روزہ
باب سوم: حضرت محمد ؐ خاتم النبیین کے اخلاق حسنہ
باب چہارم: بڑوں کا ادب
باب پنجم : انبیا کرام

ان تمام اسباق کی پڑھائی ، مشقی سوالات اور املاء شامل ہے۔

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : 2.5 Marks
True/Fale : 2.5 Marks
Multiple Choice Questions : 2.5 Marks
Match the columns : 2.5 Marks
Dictation : 8 Marks
Short Questions/Answers : 4 Marks
Long Questions/Answers : 20 Marks
Creative writing : 8 Marks
9 Paper
Ch 13 : Special Keys (Delete, Backspace, Pg up, Pg Down)
Ch 14 : Special Keys (Shift, Delete, Window)
Cha 15 : sPECIAL kEYS (Home, CTRL, End)
Types of Cursor
What your Cursor Say's, Worksheet on MS Word for mouse grip, Type Paragraph on any topic Using All Punctuation Marks,Search any Story on urdu point Website

Marking Distribution:
Paper Marks= 15
Google Classroom Assignment Marks = 5
Classroom Worksheets Marks = 2.5
Practicles Performed in Lab Marks = 2.5
For marks in practicals: Attendance in Lab & quality of skilled performance will be carefully analysed (like use of windows, 8 fingers typing, acount making and using in Google, assignment sharing etc).

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : Marks 2
True/False : Marks 2
Match the columns : Marks 2
Dictation : Marks 3
Question / Answers : Marks 6
10 Paper
Art & Drawing:
Boat, Dinosaur, Train, Puffer Fish, Bat, Crocodile, Honey Pot

Puppy with Bone

Marking Distribution:
Paper Marks = 30
Sketch Book Marks = 5
Scrap Book Marks = 5
Quality of Activities Performance Marks = 5
Google Classroom Assignmnt = 5

Paper Questions:
Draw and Shade = Marks 10
Draw and Colour = Marks 10
Scene = Marks 10