Shama Road Branch

Annual Mehifl-e-Mailaad 2023

On 14 October 2022, Mehfil–e–Milaad was held at Shama Road Branch, with great reverence and submission to pay tribute to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) students from all levels recited various NAATS to express their great gratitude, devotion and love. He surely is the Last Messenger of God ALmighty who was 'Rahma tal il Alameen' and spent his entire life for the benefit of mankind and thus was a source of a great guidance for all of us. For these and many more reasons we especially all Muslims owe our lives to him.

It began with the name of Allah (SWT), the Most Merciful and Beneficent and followed by the recitation of a beautiful Hamd. Students recited Qawallis marvelously and said a few words on the aspect of celebrating this auspicious day.

Here are few glimpses from the main event