Class : Three

Unit:Subtracting Of Fraction

Unit:Length In Metres & Centimetres

Unit:Conversion of Hours And Minutes


Unit:Area And Parameters

Unit:Mass in kilograms And Grams

Unit:Mass Word Problems

Unit:Word Problems Of Volume

Unit:Volume in liters & Mililiters

Unit:Comparing Numbers

Unit:Numbers to 100000

Unit:Number Patterns

Unit:Addition without regrouping

Unit:Subtraction without regrouping

Unit:Add Mentally

Unit:Subtraction without regrouping

Unit:Subtract Mentally

Unit:Multiplication Tables

Unit:Dividing By Tables

Unit:Quotient and Remainder

Unit:Multiplication without regrouping

Unit:Multiplication with regrouping

Unit:Dividing without regrouping

Unit:Dividing with regrouping


Unit:Simplest Form

Unit:Equivalent Fraction

Unit:Word Problems