Riwaz Garden Branch

Annual Art Exhibition 2022

Art is the complete understanding of life that kindles a great aesthetic taste and exploration of intellectual demonstration that ultimately leads towards better understanding and composition of abstract in the beautiful and symmetrical form in the concrete shape. It makes human beings cultured, sophisticated, and sober who abhors evil elements and positively contribute values and goodness in the society. An artist can never be brute or a violent person. In other words art is the glory of life and beauty of soul. It is also worth-mentioning that vulgarity which comes in form of art is condemnable.

One of the most important aspects of art shows in the results of extensive studies that have proven that students who participate in the arts score higher in academic tests and exams regardless of socio-economic status.

This extensive study has also examined youth in low-income neighborhoods and found that those who participated in arts programmes were much more likely to be high academic achievers, elected to class office, participated competitions and won academic awards.

Art programmes targeted towards very young children help prevent negative choices later on. Young children who participate in school arts programmes have shown a decrease in negative behaviors and increase in attention span, commitment and tolerance.

For these reasons we take great pride to announce that this school system is going to arrange one of it’s another landmark event Annual Art Exhibition 2022 on February 05 (Saturday 2022). In this exhibition all the students will be given the opportunity to participate in some or any of the different categories

Picture descripton of different models have been given below for your kind consideration and children appreciation for their creative efforts.