Second Term Exams 2023

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1 Paper
Urdu A

سبق نمبر 6,7,8,9, ہونہار بچہ تا موسم بہار تک کی پڑھائی مشقی سوالات توڑ ،جوڑ ،جوڑ توڑ ، املاء کی اغلاط ، تخلیق نگاری الفاظ جملے، لفظوں کی املاء اورسرگرمیاں آنی چاہیے۔
الفاظ کی بناوٹ ء، یں،ئیں، تشدید، زبر، زیر اور پیش لگا کر الفاظ بنانے آنے چاہیے۔ سوال جواب:ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 55،61،70،73،77
ریڈر : نیا گھر، دوست، آلو میاں، کوُ کوُ انجن

آن لائن ورک شیٹس
کل نمبرز:5

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks: Marks 2.5
True/False : Marks 2.5
Columns Matching : Marks 2.5
Correction of Sentences : Marks 2.5
Words making : Marks 2.5
Questions Answers : Marks 10
Word Sentences : Marks 5
Creative writing : Marks 5
Reading (Pronunciation & flow): Marks 2.5
Oral Story Telling of Reader with correct accent and flow: Marks 2.5
Dictation (10 words): Marks 7.5
Reading and Dictation will be taken before Datesheet schedule and marks will be added in the respective subject.
2 Paper
Urdu B

پاکستان صفحہ نمبر 65
کہانی تصویری کہانی صفحہ نمبر 24، 40
مذکر مونث
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 56،78
:واحد جمع
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 49
الفاظ متضاد
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر62
جملوں کی درستگی
ورک بک صفحہ نمبر 71، 92
صفحہ نمبر 18، 26، 34-42
تفہیم پیراگراف
صفحہ نمبر 56، 58، 67، 74، 79

Paper Questions:
Topic Writing : Marks 10
Sentence Corrections : Marks 5
Singular Plural : Marks 5
Masculine Feminine : Marks 5
Word Opposite : Marks 5
Word Sentences : Marks 10
Picture Story : Marks 5
Comprehension Passage : Marks 5
3 Paper
English A
Oxford Discover Book
Chapter No: 7 (The Four Seasons)
Chapter No: 8 (Arnold is Apple Tree)
Chapter No: 10 (Stone Soup)
Chapter No: 11 (The Farmer and the Hat)

Reading, Dictation and complete exercise

Readers For Reading & Complete Oral Story Telling:
'Gran' & 'Castle Adventure'.

Paper Questions:
Write the meaning of the given words : Marks 2.5
Fill in the blanks with the help of given words : Marks 2.5
Re- arrange these sentences : Marks 2
Re-arrange the jumbled letters to make meaningful words : Marks 1
Join a words from list A to a word in B to make a sensible phrase : Marks 5
Words making with sound. Make five letter words with the help of star : Marks 2
Answers the following questions : Marks 5
Make Sentences : Marks 5
Write few lines on the given topic : Marks 5
Dictation (10 words): Marks 10
Reading (Pronunciation & flow): Marks 2.5
Oral Story Telling of Reader with correct accent and flow: Marks 2.5
Online Worksheets : Marks 5
Reading and Dictation will be taken before Datesheet schedule and marks will be added in the respective subject.
4 Paper
English B
Topic Writing (Essays):
Work Book's Page No: (Favourite Animal, Favourite Object).
Picture Story:
Any unseen picture can be given.
Comprehension Passage:
Any Unseen Topic
Singular Plural:
Work Book's Page No:65 Apart from these pages child will also learn the words which are made plural by simply adding 's' at he end of each word.
Masculine Feminine:
Work Book's Page No: 81
Word opposite:
Work Book's Page No: 98
Work Book's Page No: (Fruits Name, Days of Weeks, Seasons name)
In the form of fill in the blanks and sentence making a, an, It is.
Page No: 67(Compound Words), 76(Rhyming Words)
Words Formation: page no: 52, 62, 69.

Paper Questions:
Pick out the asked grammar from the given sentences : Marks 2.5
Circle the asked grammar from the given sentences : Marks 2.5
Write the plurals of the sigulars given in the paper: Marks 5
Write the Feminines of the Mesculines : Marks 5
Write the opposites of the given words : Marks 5
Write the vocabulary words like Fruits, Birds names or any other words given in the syllabus : Marks 5
Make sentences with the help of correct words : Marks 5
Write a story on the picture given in the paper: Marks 5
Write 10 lines on any one of the asked topic (essay) seen or unseen: Marks 10
Read the passage given below and then answer the questions given at the end : Marks 5

5 Paper
Unit no: 6 (Numbers to 20)
Unit no: 7 (Addition and Subtraction within 20)
Unit no: 8 (Shapes and Patterns)
Unit no: 13 (Multiplication)
Unit no: 14 (Division)
Sums (Unseen):
Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and division with number line as well as in Hundreds Tens ones (H T O) format, word problems, greatest to smallest, smallest to greatest .
Forward Counting:
Backward Counting:
99 to 0
Counting with spelling:
One to hundred.
Concept with figures and spelling:
Big/ small, Tall/ short, Long/ short, Thick/ Thin, Few/ More.
Tables :
2 to 7 (complete and in dodging format)
Shapes with drawing, recognition and spellings:
:(drawing and spelling): Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Sphere, Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Square, Oval, Cone, Star, Diamond.

Paper Questions:
Write down the counting as directed : Marks 10
Solve the sums of Addition (HTU) : Marks 4
Solve the sums of Subtraction (HTU): Marks 4
Solve the sums of Multiplication and Divide : Marks 8
Write down the shapes names : Marks 5
Write down the spell of the given numbers : Marks 5
Write down the asked table : Marks 5
Arrange these numbers in order : Marks 4
Complete the number bonds : Marks 6
Find the Missing Numbers : Marks 6
Solve these sums of word problems: Marks 9
Concepts: Marks 4
Take Dictation : Marks 5

Mental Maths
Recite the asked table : Marks 5
Dodging Table : Marks 5
Sums of addition : Marks 5
Sums of subtraction : Marks 5
Online Worksheets: Marks 5
6 Paper
& Oral
Work Book
Chapter: (Earth and Sky),
Chapter: (Places of Worship)
Chapter : (Self Cleanliness)
Chapter : (Family and Friends)

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : Marks 5
Tick the correct and cross the false statement : Marks 5
Match the given columns : Marks 5
Choose the right word : Marks 5
Answer the following questions : Marks 10
Dictation : Marks 10
Label the given diagram : Marks 10

Reading and Dictation will be taken before Datesheet and marks will be added in the respective subject.
7 Paper
Compulsory Nazra

والدین اپنے بچوں کو قرآن پاک کی تعلیم لازمی دلائیں اورہمارےلئے اور اپنے لئے آخرت کا سامان پیدا کریں۔

دعا: ، کھانا کھانے کے بعد کی دعا کھانا کھانے سے پہلے کی دعا
کلمہ: پہلا اور دوسرا ترجمے کے ساتھ
سورۃ: سورۃ الفلک ، سورۃ الناس

Paper Questions:
Norani Qaida : 20 Marks
Surah : 10 Marks
Kalma : 10 Marks
Dua : 10 Marks
8 Paper

باب دوم : نماز
باب سوم : حضرت محمد ﷺ کے اخلاق حسنہ
باب چہارم : اچھے اخللاق ، سلام کرنا
ان تمام اسباق کی پڑھائی ، مشقی سوالات اور املاء شامل ہے۔

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : 5 Marks
True False : 5 Marks
Multiple Choice Questions : 5 Marks
Match the columns : 5 Marks
Dictation : 10 Marks
Questions/Answers : 20 Marks
9 Paper
Chapter 7 : Monitor
Chapter 8 : Keyboard
Chapter 9 : Mouse
Chapter 10 : Speaker
Chapter 11 : Printer
Chapter 13 : MS Paint
Chapter 14 : Games (only practical)
Marks of work sheets get done in the Google Classroom and practicals performed in the computer lab will be added in the paper's overall marks.

Marking Distribution:
Paper Marks= 15
Google Classroom Assignment Marks = 5
Practicles Performed in Lab Marks = 5
For marks in practicals: Attendance in Lab & quality of skilled performance will be carefully analysed (like use of windows, 8 fingers typing, acount making and using in Google, assignment sharing etc).

Paper Questions:
Fill in the blanks : Marks 2
Fill Colour in the right option : Marks 2
Multiple Choice Questions : Marks 2
Dictation : Marks 3
Question / Answers : Marks 6
10 Paper
Sketches: Envelope, Fried Egg, Diamond, Catterpillar, Fried Chicken, Brinjal, Make face expressions with thelp of all types of lines, Sheep(Cartoon), Bat, Sun.
Activities:Make any animal of your choice with the help of hand printing, collage.
Scene:A Butterfly on flower

Marking Distribution:
Paper Marks = 30
Sketch Book Marks = 5
Scrap Book Marks = 5
Online Assignment = 5
Quality of activities performance = 5

Paper Questions:
Draw and Shade = Marks 10
Draw and Colour = Marks 10
Scene = Marks 10