• Latest News & Events
    • "Mela Chiraghan"

      "All branches of Abdali School System will remain closed on the occasion of Mela Chiraghan on Saturday, March 02, 2024.

      "Admissions Open 2024-25"

      New Session classes for Play Group, Nursery, Prep & Class 1 to 4 will commence on 12-02-2024 (Monday).

    • Farewell Party (Batch 2023-24)

      On 24th Feb 2024, In a burst of cheerfull greetings and heartfelt best wishes the students and teachers bids farewell to the Batch 2023-24's 10th class.

    • Annual Awards Ceremony 2024 (Montessori & Primary Section)

      We are proudly going to announce that the day has come to see and acknowledge the achievements of our brilliant students who have made both the school and their parents proud.

    • Trip 2023 (Main Branch)

      The botanical garden trip was an enchanting journey 🦋 that not only widened our students' horizons but also nurtured a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature.

    • IKSC Result 2023 (Main Branch)

      "🏆 Celebrating Success! 🌟 Our school shines bright as we proudly announce our triumph in the International Kangaroo Science Contest!

    • محفل میلاد(Main Branch)

      The students hosted the auspicious Mailaad event with great enthusiasm. The stage were creatively decorated and adorned with red and white drapes.The students were clad in white clothes; the girls were wearing colourful ‘duppattas’.

    • Teachers Day (Main Branch)

      Teacher's Day is an occasion when we come together as a school community to express our gratitude and admiration for our remarkable teachers. On October 5th, our school celebrated Teacher's Day. The classrooms and corridors were transformed into a festive environment that radiated appreciation. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement. One of the highlights of the day was the "Wall of Appreciation."

    • Kangaroo Contest (Main Branch)

      Our school organized the International Kangaroo Science Contest 2023, and our students enthusiastically participated in it. They worked hard to get ready for the contest, which was held on September 21st, and showed their enthusiasm on the competition day. Our teachers played a big role in helping them prepare and keeping the atmosphere lively.

    • Charity Day (Main Branch)

      As we believe in nurturing not only the minds of our students but also their hearts. That's why we celebrate Charity Day each year, a special occasion dedicated to fostering compassion, empathy, and a sense of responsibility towards the community and the world.

    • Defence Day 2023 (Main Branch)

      Defence Day of Pakistan was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on the 6th September 2023. Students paid tribute and homage to the nation’s brave soldiers and Armed Forces for their courage, valour and sacrifices rendered to safegaurd the country.

    • Annual Elections 2023 (Main Branch)

      School election process is a time where students get to know about the process involved in choosing the right candidate for a particular post. The Annual School Election for the year 2023 was held in school premises for electing students for the post of Head Girls.

    • 76th Independence Day🤍💚

      This 14 August 2023 marked the 76th independence day of Pakistan. Our Students and teachers celebrated Independence Day with great zeal and fervour.

    • Paving the Way to Excellence: 👨‍🎓 🎓 Unveiling Our Matriculation Results

      Abdali Grammar School is well known and has earned the reputation of giving wonderful results in all spheres of school education. Here again we'd talk of results produced by students in Lahore Board Matric Exams 2023.

    • Father's Day (Main Branch)

      The students marked Father’s Day with a fun-filled programme in which students clicked remarkable pictures with their father to thank them for all the sacrifices which they made for them and also gave them beautiful hand made cards.

    • Mother's Day (Main Branch)

      Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the love and dedication of mothers. It is a day to acknowledge the significant role that mothers play in our lives and to show appreciation for all they do. The day that recognizes the essence of a mother was celebrated in our school. Teachers made an earnest effort to instill the importance of mother in a child’s life through effective thematic presentations, speeches, video clippings. Our students had something more special and unique to bring a smile on their beloved mother’s face.

    • Art & Science Exhibition (Main Branch)

      On 16 January 2023, Art and Science Exhibitition was held at Abdali Road Branch featuring the beautiful art work and captivating science models. Through this Exhibition Our Students and Teachers were connected to observe & do research to produce the amazing artwork and science models. The students enthusiastically participated in this activity.