Science (2023)

Class FIVE

Classification of living things

Classification of Living things

Classification of Plants

Classification of Animals




Importance of Microorganisms

Prevention of infections

Physical and Chemical changes in Matter

Changes in Matter

Changes in states of Matter

Changes that make new Materials

Flowers and Seeds

Structure of Flower and Pollination


Structure of Seed

Environmental Pollution

Pollution and its types

Effects of Pollution and ways to reduce pollution

Biodegradeable and Non-biodegradeable Materials

Light and Sound

Natural and Artificial Light Sources & Formation of Shadow

Production and Speed of Sound

Noise: Its Effects and Ways to reduce it

Structure of the Earth

Sources of Water on Earth & Water Cycle

Structure of Earth

Soil & Types of Soil

Space and Satellites

Space and Calestial bodies

Satellites and its importance

Uses of Satellites



Technology in Everyday Life

Making Technical Devices

First Aid & Disaster management